I believe in the power of people to come together, agree on goals, and figure out how to achieve them.

The framers of the Constitution were people just like us. They didn’t all agree, and they didn’t all get their own way. But when they wrote the Constitution they wrote “We the People…” not “We the Corporations” or “We the Rich and Entitled…” Or “We the Bots.” It was “We the People.” They figured it out- and we can too.


We need state government that can partner with our communities to:


Strengthen our education system, from pre-K to college and beyond. Strong schools are vital for business, and they help keep and attract the young families Maine needs. 

Support economic development by:

  • Expanding broadband;
  • Creating a culture of innovation that supports new business start-ups; and
  • Strengthening training and apprenticeship programs that prepare people for success in manufacturing, technology and industry. 

 Protect Maine's most vulnerable residents by: 

  • Releasing the 2015 Senior Affordable Housing Bonds to build new senior housing in every Maine county;
  • Remediating the high lead levels in Maine's older homes to protect young children; and
  • Making sure there's a healthy mix of housing in all Maine towns so people can afford to live where they work.

Improve access to health care through Medicaid expansion and other measures to reduce the financial strain on families and businesses, and to reduce the high cost to hospitals of serving the uninsured. 



Pass the Maine Equal Rights Amendment to give women equal rights with men under Maine's Constitution.

Protect access to birth control and reproductive health for women as well as for men.


Create opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation through adding sidewalks and crosswalks in key locations, building walking and bike trails, negotiating trail easements, and by protecting land from development.




✔ Expand daycare and after school programs to strengthen students' learning and to support working families.

 Strengthen health care coverage by expanding Medicaid (as voters demanded in 2017) and looking for other solutions.

Help families and communities fight the opioid epidemic.   


We need a strong, efficient, and skilled state government to help us do the things that we can't do by ourselves at the local level. We can't afford everything at once, of course. Living in Gray for 30 years has taught me the need for balance in budgeting. But we can agree on our goals, and work across party lines to make steady progress toward achieving them. 


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